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Transforming health with technology

Health Systems

Preventive and people-centred care is the key to the sustainability of public and private health systems.

The integration of the different levels of care and the provision of proximity services and community care, among other local initiatives, increase the health care value created by primary care and hospital care interventions.


Promoting healthy lifestyles and managing the health and well-being of communities requires the commitment of each and every one of us. We need to act before and beyond disease management.

Healthy Smart Cities proposes a vision of the organisation of Local Health Systems based on proactivity and the involvement of communities, municipalities, and their social intervention networks, promoting education, health literacy and self-care.

Proximity services

Municipalities are especially sensitive to the actions and behaviour changes that are
critical to foster healthy communities. They integrate several social intervention services, with experienced teams in the design of health and well-being initiatives.

Healthy Smart Cities develops clinical governance programs and enhance community care interventions, addressing the main determinants of health.

“Polis – Healthy Smart Cities” is a healthcare community program which allows chronic patients to monitor their diseases permanently and according to the level of evolution of the pathology.

Polis can be installed on any mobile phone assisting patients to access health markers, such as blood pressure, weight and heart rate. An app collects patient information and liaises with the clinical team of the community-based health program, which they join.

When unexpected clinical parameters are recorded, users are informed about the need to contact a health professional. Patients can also access health literacy content important to managing their chronic condition, such as nutrition and exercise tips tailored to their needs.

The program aims to promote health and enhances self-management of chronic diseases and was developed to be a community project, integrating the various players, in a single high-tech platform, which seeks to be the least invasive method, respecting the privacy of each patient.

Chronic diseases, largely associated with lifestyle, are highly correlated with premature mortality, avoidable hospital admissions, absenteeism, reduced quality of life and increased health and social care costs.

The Polis – Healthy Smart Cities app is available for IOS and Android phones.

Meet our team

We have a skilled and experienced team, with a broad range of expertise in the medical field, healthcare management and digital technologies
ana luis pereira ceo

Ana Luís Pereira


Medical doctor, speciality in Family Medicine, with more than 10 years of clinical practice. Passionate by the influence of new technology in clinical practice

António Alves

António Alves


Economist, Certified Accountant. 10 years experience as a tax consultant, and 14 years experience as a healthcare manager (health systems, hospitals and primary health care)


Senior Principal Engineer at FARFETCH. 16 years experience as a software developer and software architect, including 8 years in Medtech.

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